Briana Hoachlander

Goiânia, Brazil (Map)


Briana will be serving in Goiânia, Brazil, for 5 months starting in early 2017.

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Hello all! My name is Briana Hoachlander. I live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and am currently pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice. I plan to graduate in December 2016. I became a Christian a couple of years ago when attending West Chester University. My journey was a little rough. I struggled with many things including addiction, depression, OCD, and abuse. Without getting into detail, I was a broken shell of a person using substances to help me cope with the “bad hand” I thought I was dealt. I always try to tell my story honestly because it has made me who I am and although I’m not proud of my sin, I feel that God has miraculously changed my life. He totally flipped my life around in three short years!

Although I’ve had many issues throughout my lifetime, I always had a heart for people. Before I became a Christian I wanted to join the Peace Corps. I fell in love with volunteering on a Habitat for Humanity trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. When I became a Christian I decided that you cannot help anyone without Jesus, so missions has been on my heart ever since. I believe that one of my gifts is my heart for the lost. As I meet people, reconnect with old friends, and develop new relationships with people, my first concern is their salvation, then their physical and emotional needs. I love connecting with people and just hearing their stories and letting them know that they are important, they matter and what they go through matters.

I am going to serve with ACTION in Goiânia, Brazil with ACTION missionaries Mario and Lika Milhomem. There I will be working in the addiction rehabilitation center, children in crisis ministry, and I will be teaching English. I am so excited for this opportunity. It was a long process but God is faithful! Honestly I am just an ordinary person, living an ordinary life. However, the great part is that I know an EXTRAORDINARY God! I know that he will use my complete weakness to show his mighty strength! I am so grateful and humbled that he has chosen me to go on this internship! I would love any support that you feel led to offer, whether that is prayer, financially, emotionally, etc. Anything is appreciated. Thank you all for your support and God bless you!

Briana Hoachlander

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