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Sold out to Jesus! A servant to street and dysfunctional children of the Philippines, in 2015, Ron marked his 30th year as a missionary and is only now shifting into high gear. Battling a brain-stem injury, broken back, broken jaw, torn knee ligaments (three times) typhoid, hepatitis, dengue fever and recently chikungunya (the latter two both caused by mosquito bites), the joy of the Lord is his strength. (Nehemiah 8:10)

Serving under ACTION INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES since 1985, four years at Prairie Bible Institute in Alberta laid the foundation for his missionary service. He is currently Coordinator of Lifehouse Village Center, in its fifth year of housing and discipling fifteen dysfunctional children (ages 10-16 years old).

When the current Extension is completed (early 2014), we will have room for 2-3 more boys. As finances come in and ACTION Philippines gives approval, our next two projects will be on our Tipo one hectare property. Building chicken coops to raise chickens for eggs and eating, plus enlarging and solidifying our tilapia fish ponds will be our next focus. (After that, in the near future, we believe that the purchase of our neighboring two hectares, and developing it into a food source for the Center, is the Lord’s plan.

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