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Short term to Malawi March-June 2018

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Danielle Hunt.  Growing up I had a large sense of adventure.  When God pursued me after college and I gave my life to Him, I realized that this need for exploration was going to take me very far! To the nations! Now I’ve been to Africa in the past, but never before have I gone for God, so never before has a trip been this important or sincere to me.  Knowing that I’ll have an opportunity to share Jesus with others and contribute to a communities’ physical needs through an ACTION internship is so beautiful to me.

These last two years of my life I have allowed God to prepare my heart and mind for this mission trip.  Now that the time has come, I’m so thankful that Gary and Barbara and the Malawian people are going to be welcoming me into their community and way of life. During my time in Malawi, I’ll be teaching a children’s Bible study filled with crafts, games, and lessons geared towards keeping the community healthy. In this region, January to April is a time of great hunger due to drought, agricultural issues, and an overwhelming number of widows and orphaned children.  Because of this, ACTION missionaries organize feeding centers throughout communities.  This year I’ll also join them as they plan to feed over a thousand people each week.

As you can imagine, a trip like this will be financially high. The expected cost of my 14-week trip is approximately $4,000 including airfare, room and board, transportation within the country, and ministry supplies (craft paper, paint, etc).  First and foremost, I would most appreciate your prayers for my physical and spiritual well-being leading up to and during my time in Africa. I ask that you please join me in praying for development in Ntcheu and the neighboring villages so that no temporary relief is needed, so that hunger, disease, agricultural issues, and poverty can be improved with local resources and by local people, and so that these communities can continue to hear of God’s overwhelming grace and mercy.  Secondly, if God places it on your heart to donate financially to my mission, I would be humbled and overjoyed.  There is a donate button located above.

Thank you!




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