Lois Jardio

Antipolo, Philippines (Map)

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Lois will be serving at Shalom Christian Birthing Home in the Philippines during the month of August.

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Hello Family and Friends!

As most of you know, I lived in the Philippines for the first 11 years of my life. This allowed me to witness the lifestyle of the poor — families living in squatter areas, children roaming the streets and people of all ages dumpster diving.

This experience combined with the revelation of God’s overwhelming grace and salvation toward me in my years here in the U.S. has placed within my heart the desire to go back and serve in the Philippines.

As a third-year nursing student at the University of Minnesota, I am excited to say I am finally going back to use my knowledge and skills in providing pre/post-natal care at Shalom Birthing Center in the Philippines this summer through Action International Ministries!

Please pray for God to guide me and provide His wisdom as I continue to fund-raise and prepare my heart for serving at Shalom. If God places it on your heart to donate financially you can do so through this webpage.

Thank you and God bless you!

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