John & Yvonne Macy

São Paulo, Brazil (Map)


Wholistic Urban Church Planting Children's ministry Scouting Missionary Training

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John and Yvonne met and married in Brazil. Yvonne is from Switzerland and John is from California. They joined ACTION in 1990 and maintain their previous membership in Swiss Mission Fellowship. From 1988 to 1993 they served as church-planters in the red-light district in São Paulo, and from 1993 to 1999 they developed ABBA, ACTION’s partner ministry in São Paulo working with the rescue of street children and placement of these children in Christian homes.

They served several years with CNM-JUVEP in northeastern Brazil preparing Brazilian missionaries for cross-cultural ministry. They continiue to work with the training of Brazilian missionaries, now through SERVOS Mission in Sao Paulo.  The interns from SERVOS work in a slum community with varied activities from teenie-scouts to nursery-care.  They have four children, Sara, Samuel, Stefan, and Samara.