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WELCOME TO OUR WEBPAGE! We're now based in Mandaue City, Cebu Province. At present, we're reconnecting ourselves with some of our old contacts and ministry partners in Luzon and in the Visayas. Also, we would like to create new ones where the gospel is less preached and one-on-one discipleship is never heard of. We're happy to share to small churches our giftings in basic church administration and basic seminar on praise and worship. Join us and be part of building Christ's Body. Our fruits are yours as well!

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Jab’s Call (Jesus with Apol and Bettina)

Ephesians 4:12-13

Vision: We see Spirit-filled and equipped believers in every small church worshipping GOD without walls.
Mission: We partner with small churches in equipping their members in worship-ministry, worship-discipleship, and worship-mission.

We help small churches in equipping their members in church administration and Christian Education programs. Join us and obey Christ’s Commission!