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Partnering with small churches and para-church organizations in the areas of administration and equipping disciples

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Jab’s (Jesus w/ Apol & Bettina) Call

Equipping Jesus’ disciples to accomplish their calling

WELCOME TO OUR WEBPAGE, thanks for visiting us! We’re based in Cebu, Philippines. We love to create new partnerships especially with small independent churches in equipping Jesus’ disciples. We’re happy to share with you our giftings in church administration including biblical frontline communication skills; and seminars on worship, prayer and mission. We would love to come alongside with you. MARANATHA!

(Please note that we do not recruit workers for employment in any country. Ignore any e-mail, phone call or text messages claiming to be us for the purpose of recruitment.)

Vision: We see Spirit-filled and equipped disciples worshiping JESUS without walls. (Rev. 7:9)
Mission: We partner with small churches and para-church organizations in the areas of administration and equipping disciples.  (Eph. 4:12-13)

Per invitation and as the Holy Spirit leads (freely we have received, freely we give):

  • We help church pastors and leaders customize their structure and strategies based on their vision and mission statements.
  • We conduct seminars for music teams on basics of Christian ‘praise and worship.’
  • We conduct seminars on prayer and spiritual warfare, and mission orientation for short team mission teams.
  • We offer place of refuge and retreat to burned-out church workers.
  • We offer transient housing for small mission teams (8 – 10 members) while in Cebu Province.
  • We offer consultation in human resource development and management to small independent churches and para-church organizations.
  • We offer customized one-on-one discipleship.