Kathy Matthews

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Children at Risk, Prison Ministry

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Kathy grew up in a non-Christian home. She became rebellious at the age of 12, getting involved in drugs and alcohol. She dropped out of school at 17 and found herself pregnant at 18 years of age. Over the next two decades, Kathy had to deal with a number of difficulties in her life, including an abusive relationship, a failed marriage, and ovarian cancer. God began to deal with her and get her attention, particularly through a caring Christian friend, who lead her to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in September 1997. God did a miracle in Kathy’s life at that time, turning her life around, giving her new purpose and direction. Since that time, Kathy has had a desire to minister to people.

She has worked several years in a youth correctional facility in Calgary, Canada as a counselor. A trip to Uganda in 2006 touched Kathy with a desire to serve overseas in Africa, among the poor and hurting youth, ravaged by AIDS and civil war. She also wants to start a ministry to the inmates of Uganda’s prisons. She is presently preparing to move to Africa and raise the financial support necessary to do that over the next year.