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Shalom Birthing Clinic June 2018

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Hi everyone!

My name is Kendall Meyer and I am currently a nursing student at the University of Alabama. I have always had a passion for serving others and I chose nursing as a career because I believe meeting people’s medical and physical needs provides an organic way to meet their spiritual needs as well in such a beautiful and natural way. The fact that I can actively be the hands and feet of Jesus to people in need gives me such a sense of purpose and peace in my heart. Throughout my journey in college so far I have had this calling in my heart to take my passions and spread them globally.

Throughout years of praying God has lead me to my first global nursing internship. This upcoming June I will have the privilege of serving as a nursing intern for a month at Shalom Birthing Center in Antipolo City, Philippines. I will be working with Pami. During my time at Shalom, I will be assisting in providing prenatal care, delivering babies, and postnatal care to mothers and babies in need! I have so much joy in my heart already just thinking about this opportunity and I simply can’t wait to see how God uses me to help others in the Philippines!

As you can imagine, the financial implication of a trip like this are high. I am believing in God’s promises to provide for this trip and know that He will provide all the necessary support I need. The expected cost of my trip is approximately $2,700. This will include travel, room/board, transportation, vaccinations, necessary equipment (such as latex gloves, proper clothing etc.), and miscellaneous expenses such as a work visa.

First and foremost, I ask you to continually pray for safety, guidance, continual revelations from the Lord, and boldness in sharing the Gospel. Secondly, if God places it on your heart to donate financially you can do so through the Donate button above.


Kendall Meyer

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