Dale & Marian Neff

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Retired but still in contact with team members in the Ukraine

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Dale and Marian joined ACTION in 1981 after already having served in Japan, Nigeria, and Indonesia. After three years in Manila establishing Home Bible Fellowships, they returned to the Seattle area to care for their oldest son, Phil, who had a nervous breakdown while serving in the Navy. During the next six years Dale worked in the Personnel Department of ACTION. Phil seemed to be recovering and was able to work. Their other three children were married and on their own. Dale and Marian felt it was time to get on with obeying Jesus’ Commission so they went to Mongolia in 1991 to teach English for the next four school years. In 1995, Dale had surgery for colon cancer, but upon recovery, they went to Kiev, Ukraine, to teach English and work in evangelism.

They have formed an outreach team to take the Gospel to the Gypsy people in Kiev while also conducting Bible Studies for their neighbors and others. During the seven years of ministry to Gypsies, there have been many changes. Because of the high cost of living in Kiev, many Gypsy families have scattered to other areas of the country. A large number have located in the smaller city of Zjitomer, two hours away by taxi-bus. One member of the Gypsy Outreach Team has moved his family there and by visitation, keeps track of new believers and those who are “interested.” Being a Gypsy himself helps in maintaining contact with these and he has their confidence in spiritual matters. Meanwhile, the Neffs are arranging to place two other members of the team in Karpati to work in the village of Sabatino for the entire summer. There is a good nucleus of new believers there and they would like to get a building built to house them.