Patrick & Debbie O'Connor

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Training and mobilizing nationals for church planting movements. Latin America, Africa & Asia.

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The ministry = To train & mobilize nationals for church planting movements!

  • We rejoice that we pioneered a movement and that God started MANY churches in Honduras.  We turned over the church planting movement in HONDURAS to nationals and now have set up a home base north of Seattle.
  • We rejoice with 10 ministry trips thus far to S. Asia (where Patrick grew up as a child)
  • We have had ministry – with ACTION SCM –  in  Zambia, Malawi, Cambodia, Ecuador, Colombia, Nepal, India and the USA.

If asked about ourselves and what we do and what our aspirations are, we would say:

  • Our greatest joy is to walk with the Lord.
  • Our greatest hope is to be good and godly parents.
  • Our greatest focus is to serve the Lord cross-culturally.

Where did we come from?

Debbie started off in Mexico as a single missionary in the early ‘80’s, having been sent out from Canada. Later, a fast-talking Texan (Patrick) caught her heart and hand and they moved to Honduras, as missionaries (1993-2009). Now, we reside north of Seattle, but continue to serve as missionaries with ACTION.  We are trainers of nationals for church planting movements.

Please pray

  • Daily eyes on the Lord.
  • Daily family life and health
  • For safe ministry travels abroad, but practical ministry back at the home base.
  • For His peace and calmness to reign in our hearts.

“For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear;  I will help you. Do not be afraid.”   Is. 41

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