Lester & Darlene Olfert

Manitoba, Canada (Map)


Children at Risk
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Lester and Darlene were both raised on farms in the Swift Current, Saskatchewan area of Canada. During their teenage years, they both sensed a call to foreign missions. Darlene graduated from Millar College of the Bible, Pambrun, SK in 1963. Lester graduated fromSteinbach Bible College in 1964. A year after marriage they were accepted by the Evangelical Mission Conference Board of Missions and served with them in México for a year, and then in Nicaragua for 13 years in church planting and leadership development. Lester then served as a pastor in Saskatchewan for a couple of years. In 1992, Lester took the position of foreign secretary for Latin America with the EMC until 2005. During this time Darlene worked in a Christian Bookstore and served as manager for ten years. They have two married children, Lyndon and Elizabeth, and five grandchildren. Since retirement from active ministry they have been involved with a ministry for Children at Risk (CINAG – Gethsemane Centre for Children at Risk) in Nicaragua, spending up to four months a year in Nicaragua. They are serving as short-term missionaries promoting the ministry of CINAG in Canada and offering consulting services to the board of directors of CINAG. They will continue to serve on site in Nicaragua a couple of months each year. Current Projects:1. Lester and Darlene Olfert support for travel to Nicaragua and local travel in promotion of the “”Gethsemane Centre for Children at Risk”” (CINAG) ministry. 2. Child Sponsorship $40 a month. You can register online to support community children in the Life Skills program. (www.cinag.org) 3. CINAG ministry support for the day program with 30 children and an adolescent program with 25 junior youth. 

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