Mariana (Anna) Pedrosa

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Ministry with women and children in the Philippines. Formerly served in Uganda.
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Anna Pedrosa had worked in all forms of media before God thrust her into the mission field. Though her education and experience were in the field of communications, she also discovered a God-given gift for teaching children.

Her first experience with cross-cultural ministry and teaching began in 2008 when a door of opportunity opened to teach and be a housemom to teenage girls in Cambodia. She taught elementary computers, and high school ESL, while discipling nine young women in the Word of God.

In 2010, Anna moved to Uganda, with a great desire to be better equipped for her calling as a teacher. She completed her Masters degree in Theological Studies with a Christian Education emphasis at Westminster Theological Seminary in Entebbe, Uganda, graduating in December 2013.

While working on her degree, she taught children at a local church and at a community-based Christian school in Kampala – Jesus in the Truth (JITT) Nursery and Primary School.

By God’s wise providence, JITT ceased operations for a year from the end of 2012. The leadership of ACTION Gulu had been praying for someone with the specific gifts and calling suited for leadership in the school. God laid the school on Anna’s heart through her final project and paper, “A Proposal to Re-Open Jesus is the Truth Nursery and Primary School.”

Through consultations with ACTION Gulu leadership, people of the community, and government education officials, JITT found its mission: “to glorify God by demonstrating His love to the vulnerable children of Gulu through excellent, Bible-saturated Christian education.”

Anna saw the ministry of the school as the outworking of God’s command to the church in Matthew 28:18-20. The school was envisioned to be a venue for the discipleship of students, teachers, and families in the Word of God. By God’s grace, it has aided in raising up a new generation of Acholi Christians who love God, obey Him, and follow His commands.  Anna then served as the head teacher of Jesus is the Truth Nursery and Primary School until 2016 when she returned to the Philippines.

Anna’s ministry to women, young adults, and children continues in the Philippines, both in San Pedro, Laguna and Montalban, Rizal. Some of her specific ministries include working with a church plant in Montalban, a remote area of the Philippines, and feeding and educating children, many of whom are part of the indigenous Aeta tribe that have migrated from further north.