Carmen Salacsacan


Children's Ministry, Bible Studies & Discipleship, Livelihood Program

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Carmen is from Manila, Philippines and worked with Christ for Greater Manila (CGM) where she was administrative assistant to both Doug Nichols and Nelson Reed. She started working with ACTION as a full-time staff member in 1990. In 1993, she went to Brazil for a short-term mission trip. She applied as an ACTION missionary in 1994 and was accepted in 1995.

The years 1996 and 1997 were spent in support raising and training, and language school followed in 1998. She then moved to Cuernavaca, Morelos, México in 1999 to do community development work. After coming back from furlough in July 2000, she was involved with the women’s fellowship and children’s ministry of The Blood of Christ Has Power Christian Church in Colonia Unidad Morelos. She taught Sunday School, had a literacy program, and conducted discipleship classes.

In October 2002, she moved to México City and was involved with Missionary Baptist Church. With the help of the church, she began a ministry to women and children in Cuautitlan where she taught children four to twelve years of age and did discipleship, literacy, tutoring, and ministry to children at risk. With the help of a missionary couple, a church was started in the area. After coming back from her second furlough in late 2008, she moved to Texcoco and is now involved in children’ ministry, Bible studies, and discipleship with women.

Carmen went home for furlough in 2013, and, after her furlough was over, she decided to do mission work in the Philippines to be able to help in the care of her sick mother. For four years, she worked with Shalom Christian Birthing Home in Antipolo City, one of the ministries of ACTION in the Philippines and helped a church planting project in Novaliches, Quezon City. After her mother went home to be with the Lord, she returned to Mexico in the middle of 2017 and is now working with Buena Tierra Bible Church doing Bible studies, conducting Kids’ Club, literacy classes, SS teachers training, and teaching Sunday School.