Sarah Sauder

Antipolo, Philippines (Map)

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Sarah will be serving at Shalom Christian Birthing Home in the Philippines for about 3 months this fall.

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Hi, my name is Sarah.

When I was in high school, I traveled to Nairobi, Kenya, with my church to help with youth outreach and a medical clinic. Working there helped solidify my desire to become a nurse and be involved in overseas missions. My current goal is to become a midwife and nurse practitioner, and this October I will have a wonderful opportunity to learn and practice more.

I will intern for about 3 months at the Shalom Christian Birthing Center in Antipolo, Philippines. This will include shadowing and working with several midwives in the clinic and during home visits. I am so excited for this chance to learn all that I can through this endeavor, and I can’t wait to see how the Lord will work through me at Shalom.

At this point I would like to ask for your assistance. Please come alongside me in prayer! Pray that I would continue to seek the Lord’s face and submit to His will; pray for encouragement and strength for the lovely missionaries (like Cindy Gingerich who will be my mentor) that serve full-time at Shalom; and pray that each person we meet and care for would feel and understand the love of God.

If you are interested in learning more please let me know, and I would be more than happy to share additional details that the ACTION staff has shared with me. If you are interested in supporting me, you can do so through the Donate button above. 



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