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Preparing for Spain, their new field of assignment, through prayer, Bible college studies, and Spanish acquisition. Presently, Richard and Joyelle are also helping their home church develop a young adults ministry while ministering to family, friends, and supporters. They have been members of Action International Ministries since 2010, serving with ACTION Uganda from 2013-2015.

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Both BA graduates of Steinbach Bible College, Richard and Joyelle have delighted in serving the Lord in a variety of capacities from Bible camps, home-church ministries, and overseas service.

Action International Ministries 

In August 2013, Richard & Joyelle, with their 2 young sons, moved to Gulu to serve with ACTION During their 2 years in country, they served in a variety of supportive roles as well accepting leadership responsibilities. For Richard, this meant expanding his gifts in order to fill the financial administrator and treasurer vacancies. Later, Richard oversaw the Family Strengthening & Outreach Team. Joyelle thrived as the Home of Love (HOL) Children’s Home ministry head. This gave Malakai and Ethan many opportunities to love and be loved by the HOL staff and children!

In 2015, the family transitioned to Canada where they currently oversee the young adults program at their home church while connecting with friends, families, and supporters. They continually make preparations for their new upcoming field of assignment in Spain through fundraisers and trusting the Lord for monthly partners. Once they reach 85% of their set monthly budget, the Sayer’s will be on schedule to apply for their Spanish visas and make their move overseas.

Rich & Joy anticipate serving Christ together with a local church that has invited them to be a part of their outreach team, helping to develop social programs in an effort to reach immigrants and low-income families with the Gospel.

Richard and Joyelle count serving Christ through the vocational ministry of discipleship a privilege, giving God all praise for the wisdom, insight, and love He graciously grants.