Daniel Scholz

Langley, British Columbia (Map)


Missionary Training Program Coordinator

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Daniel Scholz was born in Canada while his family was on home assignment from Manila, Philippines with ACTION. He loved living in the Philippines and playing basketball, their national sport. Daniel attended Filipino schools for kindergarten and grade 1 before attending Faith Academy, a school for MK’s.

In June 2004 his family relocated to Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Daniel completed a one year certificate in Biblical and Theological Studies at Providence College in Manitoba in 2011. His employment in sales, youth care, and foster care has given him valuable life experience.

Bethany Baptist is Daniel’s home church in Red Deer where he was baptized in 2005.

In August 2012 Daniel returned to the Philippines on a short term trip with ACTION and worked in a street kids camp, out-of-school youth program, and flood relief. It was at this time he was made aware of an internship possibility with Nelson Reed, ACTION’s International Director. After much prayer and advice from family and others who love the Lord, Daniel decided to pursue the opportunity.

He proceeded to join Nelson on a trip to India and Nepal from March 3rd until April 15th, 2013. The details of the trip can be seen in his India/Nepal 2013 newsletter below.
In the summer of 2013 it became evident that Daniel would not be able to enter the United States on a Religious-1 Visa in order to fulfill his role as Assistant to the International Director.

In the following weeks a new opportunity was presented. It required a move to Langley, British Columbia in order to work closely with another ACTION missionary, Ike Agawin, in the area of Missionary Training (Ike Agawin has been involved in missionary training for 13 years).

On September 17th, with the blessing of ACTION and his home church, Daniel left Red Deer, Alberta and drove to his new home in Langley. This was only made possible by the faithful giving and prayer of many people.