Mark & Cheryl Sorell

Calgary, AB, Canada (Map)


Action Ventures, Arts with a Purpose, Assisting Churches, Schools; Colleges in providing Discipleship; Missions Training
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Mark & Cheryl Sorell (1)Mark & Cheryl are based out of Calgary and have 4 grown children. Cheryl grew up in Saskatchewan while Mark grew up in Peru as a Missionary Kid. They both attended the same high school and college and married in 1980s. They ministered with Venture Teams International for 19 years, 8 of which Mark was Executive Director. They grew to appreciate the vision and passion of ACTION missionaries over the years, especially as office neighbors and overseas ministry partners.

Cheryl is gifted and trained as a Child & Youth Care Counselor and does a great job visioning, advising young people, teaching and interceding. Mark is a gifted musician, shepherd leader, discipler and encourager. In past ministries they have seen hundreds of young people grow in their faith and become leaders and influencers in the world. They have also learned and are learning that in weakness God is strong. As Zechariah puts it: “It is not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord…” (Zech 4:6).

Their passion is to know the One who longs to reveal Himself to the world and be part of that revelation process. With the recent move to ACTION, Mark and Cheryl are excited about what God has in store as they continue their focus of making a difference in the lives of Canadian youth.

Associated Ministries

  • Canada: ACTION Ventures


    ACTION Ventures (AV) is an arts-based, team ministry, for those aged 18-30 years. AV is designed to prepare teams not only for short term ministry at home and a...