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Cole and Shaylene - serving for two years in the Philippines, at the Project: Pag-Asa School, and Kids Home, both ministries reaching out to at-risk children and families.

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Cole – Growing up, I had opportunities to be involved in ministries for kids, youth and people experiencing homelessness. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I began to see the possibility of using these experiences to serve God in other ways. God laid on my heart a willingness to serve him in a whole new way, to leave all the comfortable things in life to him and to trust his direction. To see Shaylene’s heart for ministry and God’s people has encouraged me all the more.

Shaylene – At a young age, I believe God gave me a heart to truly love those that society looks down on. He gave me eyes to see the bigger picture, and wisdom to understand some of the hurts that such people were going through. In 2016, I had an opportunity to teach at Project: Pag-asa for two months. I quickly fell in love with the students and recognized many ways that God has prepared me to teach at Pag-asa. I left the Philippines without plans to return, but over time, I felt a pulling at my heart to go back.

We are now looking forward to spending the next two years in the Philippines. Shaylene will be teaching Math and Science at Pag-asa and Cole will be involved in facility maintenance at Pag-asa, as well as in a ministry for street kids, called Kids Home. Pag-asa is the Tagalog word for “hope”. As we go to the Philippines, to teach, help with school upkeep, and minister to street kids, we go with a desire for God to use us to bring his hope to the children that we meet. The kids walking through the doors of Pag-asa are smart and talented and full of energy, but they also hold on to deep hurts. We desire to show God’s love to these students. We long for them to experience God’s amazing grace and healing. God has brought both of us through hardships that allowed us to encounter God in ways that we hope to see each student experience him. In many ways, we know that God has been preparing us for this journey and growing our heart for his children at Pag-asa.

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