Emma Swartzentruber

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Emma will be interning at Shalom in December and January.

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Hi friends!

My name is Emma Swartzentruber. I was born in the wonderful small town of Ashland, Ohio. It is half way between Cleveland and Columbus for those who have no clue where that is!  I enjoy anything outdoors, running long distances at slow speeds, laughing a lot, traveling anywhere, fruit smoothies, and learning more about my Savior.

I am currently in my junior year of nursing school at Cedarville University. Studying nursing at Cedarville has taught me so much, and this includes things I never would have imagined learning. I am understanding what it means to become a nurse that loves Jesus and wants to glorify Him through taking care of others.

During my time at Cedarville I have been given opportunities to go on short-term mission trips, and every time I go I fall more in love with Jesus and serving His people. Jesus continues to shape me and show me what I desire in life. I desire to go on a mission trip where I can use my nursing skills, and through a lot of research God showed me Action International Ministries. I instantly adored the ministry at Shalom Christian Birthing Home, and after a lot of prayer and talking it over with my family, I am happy to say that I am planning on serving there over my winter break! I am confident that this is where God wants me.

As I learn more about the need for medical care in the Philippines, it overwhelms me with a desire to help in any way I can! I will be able to help ACTION missionaries Pami Ellis and Cindy Gingerich and the other staff members with whatever is needed at the birthing center, while also building relationships and sharing Christ’s love.

I would love for you to also be part of this trip in any way that is possible for you. This can be financially, but I would also appreciate having you praying for me, sending me letters or emails, or doing whatever your heart desires! I can’t explain how blessed I feel to have already had such a loving group of friends and family that are so supportive of my decision to serve in the Philippines. I’m excited to keep you all updated on my journey! Stay in touch!

Love you all!

Emma Swartzentruber

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