Tieicia Stephens-Syliboy

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ACTION Intern, to serve in Zambia and Malawi for 9 months, beginning June, 2016. To be involved in children's and women's outreach and feeding programs.

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Tieicia was born and raised in Indian Brook, Nova Scotia. She ventured out to visit friends in Saskatchewan where she felt the Lord leading her to Bible school. Later that year she returned to Saskatchewan to attended Nipawin Bible College for three years from 2012 – 2015. During those three years, God grew in her a heart to serve Him and others. She went on a mission trip to Africa with a group of students in 2014, where she knew she would return one day for a longer period of time. God has opened up various opportunities to be involved in children’s ministry over the years and it has become Tieicia’s passion to build meaningful relationships with children and youth. Tieicia is heading to Africa in August, 2016 to serve with Action International Canada for 7 months. There she will serve 3 months in Zambia, followed by 4 months in Malawi. She is excited to see the Lord teach her and work in the children and families she will meet during her time overseas, as will as the ACTION team in both Zambia and Malawi.

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