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Some History – Charles and Bridget Ulibarri, along with their son, Micah, and daughter Brianna, were called and served in Equatorial Guinea, West Central Africa (Africa’s only Spanish speaking country), and ministered there until 2011, doing support work for a Bible translation project with another mission agency. The ministries they served in there included Church Leadership Development (TEE), Literacy and Computer Technical Support. They worked with that ministry project for 7 years (2004 – 2011).

After returning from Africa and having considered other missions, in April 2012 Charles and Bridget were appointed to work with ACTION, and in September 2012, after some months of raising support, they moved from the Dallas, Texas area to Seattle to work at the ACTION home office, leaving their children in Texas to finish college. God answered their prayers to be in the northwest by the end of the summer 2012.

From October 2012 – March 2016, Charles served primarily as part of the SCM (Sustainable Church Multiplication) Church Multiplication Ministry: Helping to train nationals in discipleship & church planting movements, and PLD ministries as time allowed. As part of SCM/PLD Charles has trained in Cuba, South Sudan, Uganda, Malawi and Mexico, as well as locally in the Seattle area. He also assisted Rob Taylor in the ACTION Computer & Technical Services – ACTS, when not taking training trips. Charles graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Ministry Leadership from the Moody Bible Institute Distance Learning online program in December 2015.

Bridget served in the ACTION International Office as the International Office Executive Coordinator assisting then International Director Nelson Reed and those in the International Office as well as missionaries worldwide. Bridget received a certificate in Bible from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Okenga Institute in 2015.

Later in 2016, Charles and Bridget left Seattle and moved back to Texas, temporarily, to prepare and serve in the ACTION field of Uganda, East Africa. They served in Gulu, Uganda as the OIC (field director), JITT School Director and Administration for the field from May 2016 to April 2017.

As of December 2017 they are serving again from the U.S., Charles with SCM/PLD and Bridget  with Women’s Ministry & Mobilization.


Charles – is now an associate and will go on SCM/PLD ministry trips when he has time. He is working in the IT department at Dallas Theological Seminary, in Dallas, Texas.

Bridget is currently serving ACTION as the International Coordinator for Women. The International Coordinator for Women helps to equip, organize and coordinate ACTION’s women’s ministry interests worldwide, as well as represent women’s concerns. She is also assisting women with their short-term applications with the ACTION mobilization team. She is currently in Texas.

Friend request Bridget on Facebook: bridget.ulibarri

Charles also enjoys music/sound ministry and watching sports. Bridget also enjoys watching sports. She also enjoys working in literacy, children’s ministries and doing TESOL.

Prayer points:
Pray for God’s direction in our new ministries here in the U.S.
Pray for  Bridget as she travels to Europe May 19-June 6 with Melinda Creef
Prayerfully consider partnering with us in this ministry.
Pray for our children: Pray for our son Micah, our daughter-in-law Gennie, and for our daughter Brianna, who are living in Texas.

Thank you and God Bless

I do all things for the sake of the gospel, so that I may become a fellow partaker of it.
1 Cor. 9:23 (NASB)

Ministry Updates –

Current Ministry Opportunities>> Charles
October 2017 – ACTS tech ministry trip to Canada to help the Sustainability Coordinator Martin Scholz with tech aspects of the Plenty for all Permaculture training ministry.
November 2017 – PLD ministry trip to Peru to train church leaders.
December 2017 – Trip with sonlight power solar ministry in Haiti.

Bridget-trip to Peru, April 2018 to encourage women in evangelization and prayer with E3 Partners.

We Thank you so much for all your prayers and support over the years and we look forward to serving God, with you, again. Thank you and God Bless.

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