Ayán & Litsandra Zamora

Bayamo, Cuba (Map)


Help coordinate ACTION teams and speakers that come to the country.

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Ayán & Litsandra Zamora began working alongside ACTION ten years ago when he was national Vice President of his denomination’s Youth Department. Upon reaching the ripe-old age of 36, he was bound by denominational by-laws to leave that position, and began looking for a new challenge.

The Zamoras recently accepted ACTION’s invitation to be our representatives in Bayamo and neighboring areas. Here is Ayán’s biography:

I was born into a Christian home. In fact, my parents knew the Lord since the days of their youth. When I was only two years old, my parents dedicated themselves to church planting on behalf of the Christian Pentecostal church of Cuba. From that point on I lived with them in different cities and small towns in Cuba where they carried out their pastoral ministry.

In 1992, when I was still just a teenager, I began to work with the youth department in my local church. I worked in that role for nine consecutive years in the different churches my parents pastored.

In 2001 at the national convention for the youth department for my denomination, I was elected to be the leader for my province, a role that I filled for two years. To the glory of God, due to my success with the local and provincial responsibilities, in 2003 I was elected national vice president for our denomination’s youth department, a responsibility which I carried out until 2012.

My responsibilities with the youth in my denomination allowed me the wonderful experience of working alongside Action International Ministries. I have partnered with ACTION in the scheduling, preparation, and development of four national discipleship camps, each of which had a massive participation from all over the country.

I have also helped them in multiple occasions with hosting and transporting the teams that they bring down from the United States. In June 2013, on my last visit to the United States, God gave me the pleasant experience of being part of ACTION’s annual staff retreat in Washington state.

Currently, in addition to my new role as an ACTION representative, I continue to serve as a deacon and treasurer of my local church in Bayamo. My wife, Litsandra, is a member of the worship team and also vice president of the youth department in our home church. We have been married more than a decade, and our home is blessed with the presence of two beautiful children. Our home is full of love and God’s blessing.