Opportunity Service Length

Short-term: Less than 1 month

Do you have curiosity? Do you often wonder what is God doing around the globe? Come find out in person. Are you desiring to get involved in missions globally. Do not just come for a visit. Get Involved! Serve alongside our missionaries in the ministries. Bring a jolt of energy and don’t forget your smile!


action teams logoACTION TEAMS are designed for groups of 5 to 15 people to serve 7-14 days alongside ACTION missionaries and ministry leaders on the international mission field! They are customizable and intended to maximize effective and fruitful outreach letting short-termers be spark plugs in existing ministries that will continue long after the team has left the field.

Each ACTION TEAM will be given specific ministry outreach ideas from the ACTION missionaries with whom they will be serving. Yet since each team has unique gifts and skills, team leaders will be encouraged to suggest ways in which their team can bless and serve the ACTION missionaries and ministries. Teams can schedule trips year-round with approval and acceptance from the ACTION USA office and the receiving missionaries. The goal of sending ACTION TEAMS is to shake team members up to the real- ity of God’s global plan and the need for workers to participate in fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 9:37). The hope and prayer is that teams will re- turn and excite and reignite their churches for missions—getting people more involved in their local church, and advocating for missions more than they ever did before!

Intern:  1 to 5 months

ACTION Internship Program:

action internship program logoBecome a Mission Intern to explore your calling on the international mission field! We o er customizable experiences for adults 18 years of age and older. This mission catalog serves to inform you of the diverse ministries you can serve in such as medical missions, sports evangelism, children and youth ministries, discipleship training, teaching English and more. The ACTION Internship Program is designed for individuals or small groups of apprentices and is typically 8-12 weeks in duration but can be adjusted based on your schedule and expectations.

As a Mission Intern, you will experience the messy yet glorious reality of living and ministering in another culture. You will have the opportunity to be mentored and counseled by veteran missionaries who are committed to Great Commission (Mat- thew 28:18-20) work in their adopted culture and through the local church. You will know the challenging yet rewarding and exhilarating experience that is giving your entire life to ministry for the glory of God.

After you have completed your AIP experience, you will have a clearer picture of what it takes to live as a missionary. If you want to take this step of faith, and be pre- pared for God to change you in ways you didn’t even think possible, read through the various options in the following pages and contact us to learn more!

Mid-term: 6 to 23 months

So you have been on a few one or two week trips with your church or maybe Christian college group either in the USA or overseas. Maybe you have even jumped in and really tasted missionary life with an Internship. Consider this service style of a bit longer and challenging your communication skills even further. Getting your more interwoven into the frabric of our ACTION missionaries and the ministries. Consider coming alongside a missionary bring a specific skill that you have and they need to further the ministry.

Long-term: 2 years and more

Our opportunities of service are not expecting more than a two year commitment. You may be wondering where is the career, the forever option. ACTION strives for sustainability of our missionaries and recognizes it is beneficial to pause and evaluate the missionary’s time served on the field in ministry. During this time of evaluation and reflection with ACTION leaders on the field and in person in the home country ACTION leadership and the missionary both decide whether to continue in the same ministry in the same location or if changes are best to be made. It is also understood that not all missionaries are committing to service for their whole life. ACTION has had missionaries of all ages.