Guatemala: Resident Mission Leader

ACTION partners with WIND (When It Needs Doing) -- a nonprofit that exists to meet the needs of the Guatemalan people located in Ixil, San Juan Cotzal. Together we are seeking a Resident Mission Leader who will serve as a member of ACTION and contribute to the mission of WIND by representing the organization in-country as it seeks to demonstrate Christ’s love to the families and communities of rural Guatemala by partnering with them to improve their physical, educational, and spiritual well-being.


Paige Anderson

Latin America Regional Coordinator


Mid-term (6-23 months)
Long-term (2 years +)


2 Needed

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While WIND has been serving alongside the Ixil people in Guatemala for more than 10 years and has had resident missionaries living in the community at various times, there are currently no resident missionaries living in the city of San Juan Cotzal.

WIND’s indigenous Guatemalan ministry team is capably and effectively leading various ministries, but WIND desires to strategically place one or more Resident Mission Leader on the leadership team to strengthen and expand the work.

The desired length of service is one year minimum with a desire for two or more years as the Lord leads. A 7-10 day vision and exploratory trip would be planned before deciding on term length.

The responsibilities of the Resident Mission Leader could include but would not be limited to:

1. Ensuring that WIND programs operate effectively and efficiently
2. Representing WIND to partners and building a network of partner organizations
3. Working to develop and collaborate with indigenous leaders
4. Conducting or facilitating training classes for local pastors and leaders
5. Serving WIND team through logistical planning, guidance and translation services
6. Working with local school and church leadership to serve the needs of families
7. Providing English instruction to children and teachers at Colegio Horeb
8. Providing timely communication to inform and sensitize donors and volunteers to WIND programs
9. Doing outreach work in the region, assisting local church leaders in expanding outreach and training

The Resident Ministry Leader’s goals will be to:

  • approach the mission with the mindset of a learner
  • seek to understand before offering an opinion
  • not leap to solve problems, but rather help each ministry leader solve their own problems
  • be present and intentional in interactions and communicate clearly
  • learn to discern an honoring path and realize one cannot help everyone
  • help without creating dependence
  • most importantly, realize one can trust God with all one’s heart, mind and soul

*The WIND Executive Director and Founder Rich Rice lives in Washington state but generally takes four trips a year to Cotzal spending up to three months in-country each year to act as an adviser to the Guatemalan team and also to lead short-term teams that focus on medical outreach, children’s ministry, pastoral training and poverty and social justice initiatives. Since WIND is not a missionary-sending organization, the Resident Ministry Leader will apply and become a member of ACTION but report to and look for guidance from Rich as the Executive Director. ACTION’s Latin America Regional Coordinator Mark Anderson and the ACTION USA leadership will also be involved in providing direction for the Resident Ministry Leader.


For more information about WIND visit:

For more information on the Ixil, San Juan Cotzal, people group, see the information available on the Joshua Project website.

Please also note that WIND’s ministries extend throughout what is known as the Ixil Triangle and members of the pastoral training program journey to some of the most least-reached areas of Guatemala with the goal of making disciples, planting churches and training leaders.



  1. At least 21 years old
  2. A mature and growing Christian
  3. Active in local church ministry; church mission experience desired
  4. Cross-cultural experience; short-term teams (sending, welcoming or mobilizing)
  5. Recommended by pastor or church leader
  6. Able to adapt to difficult circumstances
  7. If married calling fully supported by spouse
  8. Spanish proficiency strongly desired, but not required (could be Spanish speaker with English proficiency)
  9. Willing and able to collaborate with diverse denominations and organizations
  10. Willing and able to raise support
  11. Other items set forth by the ACTION Candidate Secretary’s office