Worldwide: Missionary Helpdesk Technician

Enabling ACTION members (missionaries) with technology to advance the Gospel and disciple believers.


Rob & Catherine Taylor

USA IT Director


Mid-term (6-23 months)
Long-term (2 years +)


30 Needed

  • Notice: All Opportunities are volunteer or missionary status. You will need to raise your financial support. We do not offer paid Opportunities.
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Position:  ACTS Missionary Helpdesk Technician of ACTION USA – MHT

Number of Positions Available: unlimited

Report to: ACTION Computer & Technical Services (ACTS) USA Missionary Helpdesk Administrator and Field/Region Director

Status:  Missionary assigned to a field or region

Location: Be permanently assigned to an ACTION field or region and live overseas.

Approximate Hours of Service: Flexible hours yet working an approved schedule of:

  • Missionary: at least 40 hours a week

 Desired Commitment: at least 6 months

 Position Reposted: July 24, 2017

To Apply:

Purpose of Position: The pace of missions is fast and slow at the same time. ACTION operates on God’s time not our own. ACTS USA needs techs that understand the missionary mindset and understand the benefits of technology to missions. The Missionary Helpdesk division of ACTS USA is to help the members of ACTION who use ACTION USA Technical Services and/or are Office Responsible to ACTION USA to best perform their ministry role wherever they are. ACTS believes strong tech support for its members abroad will increase the effectiveness of the members and further the Gospel faster and farther. The MHT would work toward the goal of this smooth operation of technology used by members being led by the Missionary Helpdesk Administrator (MHA).

Responsibilities by Priority:

  1. Teach ACTION members how to use ACTION services, software, systems, and networks.
  2. Cooperate with the MHA and other MHTs to manage the ACTION email service for ACTION members.
  3. Read and learn about new technologies on the horizon.
  4. Assist ACTS USA MHA with various projects.


This is not required of all MHTs but you will have the option of going on ACTS Tech Trips. The trips are to implement technical solutions and provide maintenance or repair for technical equipment for ACTION members abroad. You will be asked if you can withstand the rigor of international travel and living overseas for short trips usually one week up to one month. If so, and you have the personal ministry funds to cover the cost of the trip, expect to support ACTION members worldwide with their tech needs.

Desired skill sets:

Strong understanding of:

  • Windows OS
  • MS Office

A working knowledge of:

  • Mac OS X
  • MS Mac Office

Ability to:

  • problem solve computer hardware and software issues.
  • build and rebuild PCs à Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • maintain fluid communication with MHA and other MHTs
  • order computer hardware and software with approval of Missionary Helpdesk Administrator.

Desired languages:

ACTION has members working in many countries. Knowing other languages will be helpful in assisting a member who:

  • has GUI or a keyboard layout in a language other than English
  • does not speak English as their native language.

Please let ACTS know what languages you know/are fluent in. Most needed languages:

  • Spanish (Latin America and Spain)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (Brazil)

Desired mindset: An understanding of

  • why ACTION exists as a mission agency
  • how IT can function in a nonprofit organization
  • why Christians in IT are called to a high standard of obedience to copyright laws and avoidance of illegally obtained software or hardware.

A willingness to kindly teach ACTION members how to effectively use technology.

A heart for reaching out to those who do not know Christ and supporting fellow missionaries and other believers.

ACTS strives to provide the following services to ACTION Members:

  • Acquire the appropriate hardware, software, or technical equipment for ministry needs.
  • Setup and manage ACTION services, software, systems, and networks.
  • Teach ACTION members how to use ACTION services, software, systems, and networks.
  • Provide technology help and repair to ACTION members worldwide.

Action International Ministries (ACTION) is a global mission agency committed to sending multi-national missionaries who treasure Jesus Christ and minister His Gospel in word and deed, primarily to the poor.