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The PLD Discipleship 2:7 Facilitator will oversee the implementation of a comprehensive discipleship program for pastors, aspiring pastors, lay leaders, and women in Lusaka, Zambia.


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Lusaka, Zambia (Map)


Mid-term (6-23 months)
Long-term (2 years +)


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Overall Responsibility: 

To oversee and administrate a one year discipleship program for pastors, aspiring pastors, lay leaders, and women.

Key areas of responsibilities:

– Participate as a student of Zambian culture and Zambian church needs.

– Participate in monthly PLD team planning and accountability meetings.

– Meet monthly with PLD Coordinator for encouragement, mentoring, and accountability.

– Meet monthly with Zambian D-2:7 Team Leader for encouragement, mentoring, and accountability.

– Participate in monthly team meetings led by the Zambian Team Leader with the D-2:7 facilitators.

– Administrate financial support for transport for D-2:7 participants.

– Participate in two weekly meetings with a D-2:7 group.

– Participation in D-2:7 meetings is for the following purposes:

  • Observe and give feedback to D-2:7 facilitators for their development as facilitators.
  • Develop relationships with participants to encourage them, assess the impact of the program, and assess participants for possible participation in ACTION Pastors College.

– Participate in the planning, administration and conducting of D-2:7 graduations.

– Participate in the planning, administration, and conducting of 2 annual seminars for the D-2:7 participants and invited guests [with a total of 60-80 attenders per seminar].

– Participate [as appropriate] as a mentor to pastors of ACTION Pastors College.

– Fundraising for PLD ministries.


– Faithful disciple of Jesus Christ

– Formal or informal training in philosophy and strategies for discipleship ministry

– 3 years experience in discipleship relationships with leaders and young Christians

– 3 years experience as a ministry team leader