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The PLD Pastoral Training Instructor will encourage pastors and church leaders in Lusaka, Zambia, towards godliness in character and instruct them with a precise, yet practical, grasp of the truth of God's Word.


Kelly & Tricia Huckaby

Country Director

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Lusaka, Zambia (Map)


Long-term (2 years +)


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Overall Responsibility:

The PLD Pastoral Training Instructor will encourage pastors and church leaders in Lusaka, Zambia, towards godliness in character, while imparting to them a thorough knowledge of the Bible and Christian theology, and training them in the skills needed to be effective pastors.

Key areas of responsibility:

–  Train pastors by instructing and coaching them so as to strengthen their exegetical, and homiletical abilities.

– Train pastors in Biblical and historical theology with an emphasis on understanding the true gospel and recognizing counterfeit gospels.

– Train pastors so as to encourage the development of mature Christian character.

– Train pastors for effective leadership in their churches and communities.

– Train pastors to be effective evangelists in the community and good counselors to their people.

– Pastoral Training Instructors are expected to do class room lectures, facilitate small groups, and work one-on-one with pastors to accomplish the development goals of the program.

– Assist in coordinating Pastor Resource Center (PRC) volunteers to maintain Christian pastoral resources, including books videos and other materials.

– Provide classroom lecture notes for the participants of the training program.

– Assess the educational needs of pastors and assist the coordinator in setting goals for their training and development.

– Assist in maintaining an annual calendar of guest speakers and lecturers for two to three seminars a year.

– Assist with fundraising initiatives that generate support for pastoral leadership development programs.

Consults with:

– Pastoral Leadership Development Coordinator

– Fellow colleagues on PLD team

– Local Zambian pastors and church leaders


– Seminary degree preferred (Master of Divinity or equivalent), minimum equivalent of BA in Theology

– 5 years pastoral experience

– Successful completion of Perspectives Course

– Some organizational skills

– Strong facilitation and leadership skills