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Casa Esperança - Home of Hope

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Casa Esperança, Home of Hope, receives refugee women and their children in a simple community home in Sao Paulo city. 

ACTION Field Workers, Paula and Wellington Alves, together with Luana Costa, are able to receive up to about 15 people in the home. Each family has a bedroom. The bathroom and kitchen are shared. New arrivals receive assistance accessing public services, finding places for children in schools, seeking employment, accessing health services etc. The team help families equipe their homes  with furniture and other donations, as they move into the community.

There are Portuguese classes and often workshops run by volunteers.

Birthdays and other special occasions are celebrated, so its just like one big family.

The team also leads a church plant what operates on Saturday nights for the local community and people who are either living in or have lived in the house, or their friends and family. They teach of Jesus’ love and power to change lives, both through devotional times, and by their life example day to day in the house.

Casa Esperança is a living example of new hope, as women and children who were without a future in their own country begin a new life in Brazil. Many have come to know their Lord and saviour through this ministry, and others are walking closer to Him.

The team at Casa Esperança are open to receiving interns, so if this wonderful ministry interests you, please connect here.

Pray for the team as they are continually saying goodbye to women as they move on, and welcoming new people. Pray for their emotional, physical and spiritual health, and that the Lord will provide for their every need.