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The ACTION Canada office is located in Calgary, Alberta. Wayne Whitbourne is the Executive Director of the Canada office. The team in the Calgary office consists of Barb Bailey (Administrative Assistant), Helen Thompson (Office Manager/Book Keeper), Scott Gillespie (Director of Promotion and Recruitment), as well as Mark and Cheryl Sorell and Helmuth Graewe (ACTION Ventures). The ACTION Canada office has 49 career missionaries placed around the world, as well as many short-term missionaries each year.

Some of these career missionaries minister in Canada and are involved in working with international students, local radio programs, authoring books, ministering to sailors at ports in Canada and the United States, working with churches to develop and implement their missionary visions, doing fundraising and recruiting, and coordinating short-term teams.

For example, Wayne and Diane Mac Leod live in Nova Scotia. Wayne is an author and Bible teacher. Many of his books have been translated and distributed to pastors around the world. He is now involved with ACTION BookShare and Pastoral Leadership Development ministries.

ACTION Canada partners with many other ministries to work together to further the Kingdom of God. Some of these ministries are: Canadian Council of Christian Charities (Canada), Emmanuel Hospital Association (India), Go Ye International (Asia), Hope for the Nations (Uganda), and International Theological Education Ministries (Russia). 

An example of this is the partnership ACTION has with International Seafarers Ministry, to facilitate the work of Associate Missionaries Hans and Trudy Uittenbosch. The Uittenboschs live in both Ontario, Canada, and in Florida in the United States. Hans is a chaplain who ministers to sailors at ports in Canada and the Unites States, and to crews on cruise ships.

Missionaries in Canada
Ike & Trudy Agawin
Todd Braye
Dr. Allen Derksen
Scott Gillespie
Helmuth Graewe
Marion Jean Grant
Sheryl Grunwald
Ben & Shoko Ichikawa
Rob Lavoie
Wayne & Diane Mac Leod
Lester & Darlene Olfert
Wentworth & Doloris Pike
Ron & Beth Reynolds
Herb & Winnifred Risto
Kimmie Roszmann
Daniel Scholz
Martin & Lorna Scholz
Missionaries Short Term
Mark & Cheryl Sorell
Summer Team 2014
Hans & Trudy Uittenbosch
John & Grace Van Huizen
Dr. Wayne & Oi-Wah Whitbourne

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