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ACTION missionaries in Brazil serve the needs of the church and the poor in three key areas: leadership training, community development, and various prevention programs for children at risk. The ACTION Brazil team believes in the authority and key role of the Brazilian local church and seeks to submit all of its work under local church and para-church leadership. There continues to be consensus among the team that an incarnational model of ministry, in which each team member is embedded in a local ministry structure, speaks clearly of the Lord’s love of the church and His desire to empower His people in Brazil to do the work of the Kingdom.

ACTION Brazil missionaries are involved in caring for abandoned children, child evangelism, missionary training, foster care, adoption, church planting, and community development.

Mark & Paige Anderson oversee the Davis Lar Orphanage in Fortaleza. The orphanage focuses on the child victims of prostitution, drug trafficking, abuse, and abandonment, providing homes and restoring the children to spiritual, physical and emotional health while reaching out to their families and communities. The Andersons also partner with the local Brazilian churches to create and support other childcare facilities in Ceará.

Jonas & Iria Braun serve the Lord in Goiânia where they have a ministry of training poor pastors, publications, radio broadcasts, child evangelism, counseling and pastoral ministries to local ministries and churches.

Mario & Lika Milhomem coordinate a prevention/development project in a poor community near Goiania through evangelization and discipleship among children at risk and their families. Their team uses art and non-formal education to reach children with the gospel during the hours they are not in school.

John & Yvonne Macy joined ACTION in 1990 and maintain their previous membership in Swiss Mission Fellowship. From 1988 to 1993 they served as church-planters in the red-light district in São Paulo, and from 1993 to 1999 they developed ABBA, ACTION's partner ministry in São Paulo, working with the rescue of street children and placement of these children in Christian homes. They spent two years training Brazilian missionary candidates in northern Brazil before returning to São Paulo where they work with a small, Brazilian missionary agency and serve the Boas Novas Community Church. They are focused on Urban Missionary Training through child evangelism and teen discipleship in a slum area of São Paulo.

Elias & Julie Madeira work in urban development and prevention, through evangelism in the Iporanga Slum doing Bible clubs and literacy classes.

Samuel & Ruth Oliveira are planting a church in the interior of the state of São Paulo. They organize child evangelism events with neighboring children at various times throughout the year.

Mazinho & Ana Quaresma have adopted 37 abandoned Brazilian children. In 2003 the Lord gave them a small farm where they are developing their home for the discipleship of their expanding family.

Robert & Silvana Meikle coordinate a project called Semear (to sow) in São Paulo. This project is a prevention arm of ABBA located in Jardim São Jorge slum area and the goal is to prevent children from leaving home for the street. It is focused on child evangelism and discipleship in a newly purchased building near the slum.

Ben & Jucelia Krause work with Ação Formigas (Ants Action), in Heliopolis slum, São Paulo. This project also runs under ABBA and it is focused on prevention and rescue of children at risk using street evangelism, Bible teaching and discipleship.

Matthew & Elsiene Carroll are going to work in partnership with editora FIEL, a Brazilian, non-profit, Christian literature ministry which purpose is the translation, publication and distribution of solidly biblical books for the church, with a special emphasis on resources for pastors. The vision is to work with the “Adopt a Pastor” project. This project exists to provide training, resources, and encouragement to needy pastors serving the church in Brazil as well as in other Portuguese speaking countries around the world.

Marco & Claudia Van de Merwe run a prevention program for rural children in Camaqua, RS. They operate from a small farm where they hope to do agricultural training and non-formal education. Their focus is on community development with poor, rural families to keep the families together, to prevent children from going to the streets and bring them to Christ through evangelism, discipleship and social inclusion.

Missionaries in Brazil
Mark & Paige Anderson
Jonas & Dr. Iria Braun
Matthew & Elsiene Carroll
Abby Heath
Ben & Jucelia Krause
John & Yvonne Macy
Julie Kacena & Elias Madeira
Robert & Silvana Meikle
Mario & Lika Milhomem
Ruth & Samuel Oliveira
Mazinho & Ana Quaresma
Ester Silva
Thomas & Susanna Smoak
Marco & Claudia van de Merwe
Felicity Vanderlist

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