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Malawi is a land-locked country in central Africa which is bordered by Tanzania (NE), Mozambique (S), and Zambia (W). Its GDP is one of the lowest ten (10) nations in the world which translates into extreme poverty, hunger, livelihood, health, and education challenges. Approximately 76% of the people name Christianity as their religion, yet discipleship and pastoral training are lacking, especially in rural areas.

The majority of Malawian people live in rural villages and make an average salary of $0.53 per day.  Drought related famine, HIV / AIDS, and malaria have had devastating effects on the people of this African nation.

ACTION had an established national board in Malawi which sponsors missionaries and oversees church-based ministry projects such as pastoral leadership development (LPD),child evangelism, Bible training, feeding programs for orphans and widows, evangelistic Christmas programs, goat project, permaculture and school fee assistance programs.

Missionaries in Malawi

Gary and Barbara Rieben were appointed to be the Directors of ACTION Malawi in September of 2013. Dr. Gary has ministered in short term ministry to Malawi the last nine years. His calling is teaching and he focuses upon discipleship of leadership and the teaching Biblical truth to the villages that surround Ntcheu. Barbara has visited Malawi on two occassions has has applied her administrative skills to the operations of the mission and her hospitality gifts to the overseeing of the mission house in Ntcheu. The Riebens have come to love Malawi and her people and are excited to make the "warm heart of Africa" their new home. 

Michelle Clark is based in Lilongwe where she works with women in local churches. She has a passion to help in the transformation of the lives of these women and their families by discipling them in the priciples of God's Word. She also has a vision to help the many farmers of Malawi increase the yield of thier crops while protecting the resources of their land by training them in the principles of permaculture. We are excited about her unique calling and expecting the Lord to use her greatly to bless the people of Malawi.

Sarah Parlee brings to Malawi a deep devotion to Christ and a genuine love for Malawians. She has already ministered in the Ntcheu area for extended times. Her trips to the many villages that surround the Boma has won her many friends and partners in ministry. She is mature far beyond her years, and the children, ladies and the ACTION team have been richly blessed by her example and service.

Missionaries in Malawi
Michelle Clark
Chantal McDougall
Sarah Parlee
Gary & Barbara Rieben

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Beautiful kids Gifts for the orphans Gomeya feeding program
Kendeau seminar Omega feeding Pastors receive their own Bibles Prayer first. Then gifts.


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