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Light the Way on Giving Tuesday!

 Your gift will help hundreds of people in crisis this year, one family at a time.


$20,000 will allow ACTION workers all over the world to quickly serve their communities in times of crisis.  Floods, earthquakes, fires, and famine are growing in frequency. 

You will help to decrease the impact of these emergency situations in the year to come with your gift.  Thank you!


How will the funds be used?

$120 will purchase short-term emergency packs including staples, first aid supplies, and tarps for 10 families.

$45 will buy enough seed to replant a farmer’s field after flooding.

$500 is enough to provide replacement school uniforms and supplies for ten children after a fire destroyed their community.

$750 will replace a roof on the church or school after a typhoon


The funds are securely dispersed to ACTION workers who live and work in communities often hardest hit by natural disasters or still reeling from the effects of COVID.  Every worker, with the help of their church, disperses the purchased goods and services to families who otherwise would not receive the help.  Most importantly, the Gospel of Christ is shared through word and deed with every exchange.


Give to Make a Difference!


Malawi, Brazil, Nepal, Bangladesh, Uganda, Mexico, Cuba, the Philippines, India & more!




International Emergency Relief

Send a Note Start a Campaign

Without fail, each year brings its share of natural and man-made humanitarian disasters throughout the world. In developing countries, these disasters are often devastating. 

Action International has members in some of the most impoverished areas in the world, working with local churches and organizations in evangelism, discipleship and development. When disasters occur in these areas, the needs are great. 

The International Emergency Relief fund will enable us to act quickly and continuously when disaster strikes. We ensure that all funds are used responsibly, going through existing ACTION members who are already on the ground and know where help is most needed—both with immediate needs but also with rebuilding and community development in the aftermath of a disaster. 

As always, any aid distributed in the wake of a disaster is given in the context of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Emergency Relief Projects

In the past few years, donors have partnered with ACTION members and local churches in Mexico, Cuba, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and the Philippines to provide immediate relief (temporary shelter, food, water, hygiene supplies) and long-term support (home repairs, crop replenishment, church reconstruction) in the name of Christ.

Name Amount Date Comment
Bev and Tony Carter $77.25 Nov 03rd, 2021
Janice Brazeau $51.50 Nov 13th, 2021
Derek Dearth $25.75 Nov 17th, 2021
Private $257.50 Nov 29th, 2021 for arising needs
Kathy Henning $412.00 Nov 29th, 2021
Private $26.78 Nov 30th, 2021
Private $46.35 Nov 30th, 2021
Mark Ellis $51.50 Nov 30th, 2021
Bridget Ulibarri $25.75 Nov 30th, 2021
Edward McQuate $97.85 Nov 30th, 2021
Lynette Rose $100.00 Nov 30th, 2021
Darlene Simpson $103.00 Nov 30th, 2021
Joy Gallant $75.00 Nov 30th, 2021
Connie Carlson $103.00 Nov 30th, 2021
Terrie & Kathy Lillie $51.50 Nov 30th, 2021
Frederick Aiwekhoe $127.28 Nov 30th, 2021
ELAINE ZAMORA $46.35 Nov 30th, 2021
Georgie Reed $150.00 Nov 30th, 2021
Paul Ehrhard $206.00 Nov 30th, 2021
Private $515.00 Nov 30th, 2021
Tim Arnold $370.80 Nov 30th, 2021
Scott Bangert $1,030.00 Nov 30th, 2021
thomas smoak $25.00 Nov 30th, 2021
Don Layton $500.00 Nov 30th, 2021 This donation is from both Don and Sharon Layton. God bless your efforts.
Susan Eskelin $824.00 Nov 30th, 2021 For Light the Way Emergency Fund
Lynda Krestinski $50.00 Nov 30th, 2021
Paul Ellis $200.00 Nov 30th, 2021 For emergency relief
DONALD WALTER $66.95 Nov 30th, 2021
Janice Leung $103.00 Dec 05th, 2021