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Rethink where you put your IT skills to work here and overseas.


Rob & Catherine Taylor USA IT Director


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rethink IT  rethink missions

Spreading the gospel, training pastors, repairing a laptop, and managing a database go hand in hand. Rethink where you put your IT skills to work here and overseas.

Who Are We:

We are volunteers and missionaries of ACTION.

Who We Serve: 

We provide assistance to ACTION missionaries, paid and volunteer staff in their technical needs.

What We Do:

Repurpose: Enabling donors to provide technology to ACTION. Call us to donate gently used technology less than 10 years old. ACTS will prepare it for use in ACTION. Most needed: laptops in working condition. Train: Empowering missionaries and staff  to use technology effectively. Beyond fixing computers, we make an effort to train our staff and missionaries how to use the technology. Manage: Efficiently exploring and maintaining technology. ACTS researches technology on the horizon to offer the appropriate solution for the ministry need. ACTION knows the value of IT. We are seeking to build an internal IT support to enable the growth of the mission worldwide supporting more missionaries in more places.

Where We Serve:

We are a support-arm of the ACTION USA office. Some of us work from the USA office. Yet many could be working from their home around the USA and still more could be assigned to mission fields overseas. And others partake in short term trips overseas to help missionaries.

What We Need:

On this page is a donate button. We at the USA office use a part of the USA administrative budget to manage and keep the USA Office working as best we know how. Yet technology marches on and equipment does expire, break, or just wear out. There are also some technology that would be nice to have at the home office for the benefit of our missionaries, staff, and visiting guests but it’s not budgeted. Would you consider giving to this fund?

We also have a Laptop Repurpose Ministry. We receive donated laptops and fix them up, replacing broken or slow parts with better and send them out to be used in ministry or to benefit a missionary family. Click here to read more and donate.

Who We Need:

We need techs of all kinds. Techs to keep the phones working. Techs to keep our data safe and accessible. Techs to help the missionaries fix their computers remotely and in person. Techs to lead in supporting the USA office. Techs to live and minister overseas.

The following are needed techno-missionary positions as of July 24, 2017:
minimum 6 month commitment:
* denotes possible volunteer option

USA: Technical Consultant*

USA: Missionary Helpdesk Technician*

Worldwide: Missionary Helpdesk Technician

Supervisory positions, 2 year or more commitment:

USA: Missionary Helpdesk Administrator*

You Can:

Donate funds or a laptop to Laptop Refurbish Ministry

Take ACTION and come for two weeks to five months to check us out and try on IT and missions together: Connect with Us for the STCA Internship Program

Missionaries in This Country

  • Rob & Catherine Taylor


    Providing editing, translating, and technical services from the USA office to ACTION missionaries & staff worldwide....

    Current Ministry

    USA: ACTS- ACTION Computer & Technical Services

    USA: ACTS- Laptop Repurpose Ministry

    USA: ACTS- Tech Donate laptops, tablets, cellphones

  • Charles & Bridget Ulibarri


    Charles and Bridget Ulibarri - USA - SCM/PLD and Women's Ministry, Mobilization...

    Current Ministry

    Pastoral Leadership Development (PLD)

    ACTION Sustainable Church Multiplication

    USA: ACTS- Tech Donate laptops, tablets, cellphones

    USA: ACTS- Laptop Repurpose Ministry