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Marvin passed into Glory February 11, 2016.

Marvin joined New Tribes Mission in 1951. After his training in California, he met Sara at a youth camp in Nebraska. They were engaged before he left for the Philippines in May 1954. He worked among the Ilongot tribe. After completing her third year of teaching, Sara took NTM’s training then sailed to Manila. They were married three weeks after her arrival in January 1956. They were asked to run the NTM guest home and mission business, so never returned to the tribe. During the years in Manila, they helped establish CGM (Christ For Greater Manila) in 1961, out of which ACTION grew in 1974. They were in the first prayer meetings for a school for missionary children out of which Faith Academy was birthed. Sara taught fourth grade one and one-half years at its first location, then three years as librarian when the new school was built. Marvin was on the Faith Academy Board 12 years.

They moved from Manila to Seattle in 1980 and started working in the ACTION office in 1981. Marvin and serves on the USA Board. Sara assists in the USA Office and works with Marvin in Mission Representation and Mobilization of Missionary Applicants. They have three married children and ten grandchildren.