Julie Kacena & Elias Madeira


Children of the favelas.

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Julie is from the USA . She comes from a Christian family. Her dad has been a pastor all of her life and she accepted Jesus as her Savior at an early age. Her heart is in missions and serving God. She graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 1999 and has served the Lord in various countries in Latin America short-term. While in Brazil, God led Julie to a man in her church where they were married May 2006. He helps with ministry and has  joined ACTION.

Ministry Summary: Working with the urban poor in prevention. Working with children and adults in the favelas. Keeping children from going on the streets and keeping the family unit together.

in 2016 my husband came to IBEL a Bible college in Patrocinio, MG.  It is a 3 year program for better triaing.. we have one son too