Tom & Beth Potter

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Running a private school for orphans in children's homes in the Greater Manila area.

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The Potter’s moved to the Philippines in 2010.  Moving to the other side of the world in 2010 was a challenge with a young family of 3 children aged 5 months, 2 and 3, but God was leading their way.  For their first 3 years in country Tom worked on an M.Div. at a local seminary and Beth worked initially at Faith Academy (an international school).  After Tom completed his second year at seminary Beth’s role at Faith Academy ended and they both began to pray over what God was leading them to do next.

God opened an opportunity for Beth to begin tutoring students at a local orphanage and this was the beginning of Project: Pag-asa (“Pag-asa” in the Tagalog language, means “Hope”).  Project: Pag-asa started as a tutoring service at 1 orphanage which grew to 2.  Very early on in this journey the Potter’s saw the need for a school to reach these specific students as local public and private schools just didn’t have the resources or ability to cater to such emotionally, spiritually and educationally neglected students.

Then after 2 years running a tutoring service they were challenged once again to think over what God was leading them to.  Project: Pag-asa was growing and at the start of the third year of the project the first formal class of students was formed.  God had instilled a dream of opening a school for local orphanages and it was becoming a reality.

Now into its third year of classes (2016), the project continues to grow.  From an initial 1 teacher and 10 students to now more than 7 staff (full and part time) with more than 40 students, God continues to challenge both the Potter’s and Project: Pag-asa in His leading, provision and continual faithfulness.

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