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Brazil: Vale Ouro (Worth Gold) Project

Become a big brother or big sister in an underprivileged neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil, as a missions intern. Live and serve with a ministry team in a poor community of São Paulo, teaching kids and young people and spending quality time with them during their free time, pulling them from the grip of drugs, prostitution, and crime and telling them about the love of God.

Q & A with ACTION Brazil field worker Samuel Condori

1. What are some ministry tasks that you want the intern to accomplish while serving with you?

It would be a big help to have interns spending time with the children and young people we serve, teaching whatever it is they are gifted in (teaching English, arts, sports, etc.), helping with Bible teaching, discipleship, evangelism, home visits, and helping maintain and develop the mission base (cleaning, cooking, construction, painting, and so on). 

2. What would a typical day look like?

It depends on which day it is. For example, on Mondays the intern would wake up early to have a quiet time before some of the teens arrive. Afterwards, they would have breakfast and share a devotional with the teens then go about the daily activities, such as sports ministry or English classes, have a snack, and eat lunch together. In the afternoon, there could be more devotionals and activities with the boys and teens. The kids then spend time working on their homework and tidying up the mission base.

Other days, there are home visits, leisure activities like movie time, a Bible study together, discipling, a special time of prayer, music practice, and so on. Some days there are also groups of girls who come in to do arts and crafts. Most days there are teens in the afternoon who run an online radio program, and, in the mornings, they often do training and practice for this too. On Sundays, there is a church service at night. We are also trying to start a new program to reach boys between 17 and 18 years old through a vocational training course to prepare them for after they finish high school, so that they don't join or return to a gang and drug dealing.

3. What criteria do you use to measure the effectiveness of an intern serving with you?

I would say the best way we could review effectiveness would be to make a list of goals together with the intern and sit with them every week or so to review progress and to modify goals as needed.

4. Please list specific skills an intern may expect to develop by the time the internship is completed.

They would learn how to have a quiet time and how to organize a Bible study for young people or improve in these areas they already have experienced. They would hopefully improve their Portuguese as well.