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Help displaced families in Nepal | #GivingTuesday

Help displaced families in Nepal | #GivingTuesday

Here's what's going on:

For months now the countries in southeast Asia have been inundated with rain. It is monsoon season, but the rains this year have been many times heavier than usual and do not show any sign of relenting. One of the regions especially affected by the floods is the mountainous nation of Nepal.

ACTION has missionaries on the ground in Nepal who are working hard to shine the light of Christ in these difficult situations.

One of ACTION’s main leaders in the area is named Bishnu. He is ministering to flood victims primarily in northwest Nepal. Most of the people there are Hindu by religion, although there is also Buddhist minority. Christianity is almost unheard of (fewer than 1.5% of Nepalese claim to be Christian). The people living in the nearby towns are in desperate circumstances. Many of these villages are built on steep hillsides or at the bottom of steep valleys and are especially susceptible to landslides.

Bishnu reports that one neighboring town experienced a landslide that washed away 20 homes, caused many casualties, and has completely trapped the remaining villagers. All roads have been washed away, and the bad weather has even made it impossible for helicopters to fly in with supplies. This scene has been repeated throughout Nepal, and winter weather has already arrived in many parts of the country.

You can donate here

The government has been providing little more than tarps and some basic supplies, but even this is having a difficult time reaching those who need it. Many roads are blocked by landslides or washed away by floods, leaving those trapped without access to food, safe water, or clothes.

Hundreds of people have been displaced and are now residing in temporary shelters. But living under a tarp during the Himalayan winter is extremely dangerous, and Bishnu fears that many more will die from the cold unless they are able to get additional resources.

How can you help?

Bishnu and his team are scrambling to provide as much help as possible, but they are in desperate need of funding and resources. They would like to be able to give just two blankets to each displaced family, but with so many needy people the project would require a budget of nearly $35,000—far more than Bishnu or any of his team have at their disposal.

Bishnu asks for prayer for the hurting people of Nepal and for the ACTION team on the ground as they work to provide life-saving resources in the name of Jesus.

Would you consider donating this #GivingTuesday?