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Make Disciples, Baptizing Them

Make Disciples, Baptizing Them

Daren Beck, Associate International Director and missionary in Cambodia since 2002, sees the gospel in a unique baptism opportunity.

I was blessed to baptize two young people. One was our daughter Kamryn, the other was Samedi Heng from Asian Hope. Kamryn and Samedi have known each other for quite some time; what a blessing to see them grow up together!

At first glance, Kamryn and Samedi could not possibly be more differentethnic features, born half a world apart, American and Khmer, one lives with her biological family while the other only knows caregivers. Yet, I would argue that the real similarities are far greater than their external differences. Consider that they now share the same spiritual DNA, which was determined by their Creator! God the Father in eternity past chose them and gave both of them an identical inheritance in Christ, which is guaranteed by the Holy Spirit! They may be different at first glance, but by virtue of their redemption by Jesus, they have been adopted into the family by which all other families are mere shadows!

Samedi’s House Dad, Jeff Evanson, and I had the immense privilege of participating in the baptism of these youth. Kamryn and Samedi publicly declared their allegiance to Christ as their Lord and Savior, giving themselves in obedience to Jesus, while at the same time showing a vivid picture of the gospel (Romans 6:1-11).