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Partner, Promise, and Payment

Partner, Promise, and Payment

As you join us in reaching the world for Christ, you are accompanying us in a very costly endeavor. 

As I interact with our missionaries on the “front lines,” I can see clearly what their overseas service is costing them and their families: poor living conditions, chronic physical dangers and/or health problems, financial stress, government intervention and sometimes persecution, spiritual attacks, and the ongoing battles to lift Christ’s name up among people who don’t yet know Him.

But here at ACTION, we also recognize and greatly value the sacrificial contribution you and your family are making by being part of our team. When you prioritize missions-giving over potential investment in yourself, your children, or grandchildren, we know that giving truly costs you something. We appreciate your choice and offer this word of encouragement to you from the Scriptures: He will repay you when He returns.

When the Good Samaritan had compassion on a man who was beaten and left for dead, his effort was only the beginning of the ministry needed to restore that individual.

The Samaritan took the injured man to an innkeeper, handed him two day’s wages and said, “Take care of him; and whatever more you spend, when I return I will repay you” (Luke 10:35, NASB).

The implication is very striking to me. Though the Samaritan initiates ministry to the wounded man, he expects someone to come alongside to continue that ministry while he is away. And he does so with full recognition that the ongoing ministry to bring this man to full health will potentially be costly to the innkeeper. 

It seems perfectly reasonable to the Samaritan that the innkeeper would not only put in the effort but also bear the expense. This may seem like a lot to ask, but it is linked to a promise: “when I return I will repay you.”

As you participate with us in our global outreach, your involvement may cost you something. You may be called not only to pray and work, but also to give. This is a lot of ACTION to ask of you, but we do so in confidence that “one who is gracious to a poor man lends to the Lord, and He will repay him for his good deed” (Proverbs 19:17, NASB).

Our staff strives to be good stewards, and, on average, over 91% of what we receive is sent overseas for direct ministry. 

Our staff strives to recognize every effort and every gift through receipts, thank you cards, and other expressions of our sincere gratitude.

Our staff also strives to pray for those who are part of the support team and need intercession.

Nonetheless, we can never truly repay you for your kindness and generosity. But that works to your advantage! Because, if we did, you would perhaps “have your reward in full.” As it is, we look to our Lord Jesus Christ for His blessing on you, confident that He will, indeed, repay you when He returns.