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Please help us reaching flooding victims in Pakistan

Please help us reaching flooding victims in Pakistan

The devastating flooding in Pakistan has claimed more than a thousand lives since it began. It is the worst flooding this country has ever seen, with ten times the usual amount of rain. One-third of Pakistan is under water and over a million homes have been destroyed. 


ACTION workers Azam and Sharjeel have been heading directly into the hardest hit areas of these areas to bring help and hope to the people whose lives have been disrupted.

Azam and his team had visited some of these areas prior to the flooding and found that there were no Christians at all. They also discovered, however, that the people were very open to the Gospel and many put their faith in Christ.

Azam was planning a return trip in October to visit these new Christians, but then the floods came, and he learned that many of the people he had met and ministered to were now homeless and quickly running out of food. So Azam and his team changed their plans and set out with tents and sacks of rice. But even getting there was dangerous for the missionaries. Their bus often had to drive through deep water, and at one point the truck in front of them was swept away in the flood.

Sharjeel, too, went out to some of these remote areas to bring relief to the flood victims in the form of food, water, first aid kits, mosquito nets, and clothing. Except for the few newly-converted Christians, all locals are of other faiths.

Slavery is common in this area, and some of the new Christians are slaves. Sharjeel and ACTION have been working to buy their freedom from the enslaving landlords and rescue these brothers and sisters.

Unfortunately, the flooding has wiped out what little these people had, putting them further in debt to their masters. Sharjeel says that the losses from the floods have essentially pushed the next two or three generations into slavery. He and his team have a dream to establish a dairy farm for the flood victims that would help them to become self-sufficient. 

In the midst of all the immediate, practical needs that must be met, there have been many opportunities for these workers to spread the hope of the Gospel among those they meet. The catastrophe has shaken the beliefs of many, and they are now in search of the true God. For the few Christians in the area, the disaster has helped them to learn to trust in God rather than man for help.

If you would like to help with our evangelistic and relief efforts in Pakistan, please give online by clicking below.