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What About the Hidden People of the World?

What About the Hidden People of the World?

The number of those to be won to Christ in Africa and Asia has more than tripled since 1900. Almost three billion people today have little or no knowledge of Christ and His salvation.

Most of these individuals could be called “hidden people” due to the fact that major cultural, racial, linguistic, and social barriers hide them from the concerned efforts of most evangelistic efforts. Often they live outside the cultural or geographical home of active Christians. Some of these “hidden people” can be found in the following places:

  • The Philippines is a country of over 100 million people with as few as 3 million true followers of Christ. There are over 24,000 small towns without a local evangelical church.
  • Christians make up only 1% of Japan’s population. The majority of these Christians live in cities. There are absolutely no Christians in thousands of towns and fishing villages.
  • More than 99% of India’s villages do not have any Christian community.

The needs around us should always be seen in this perspective. While we need missionaries on six continents, not all six are equal in resources, population, or present opportunities to know Christ.

Thousands of new missionaries should be specially trained and sent out for evangelism and discipleship among each of the 16,700 culture groupings where no churches exist!

To say that everyone is important and equal before God leads to an inescapable conclusion: those with no Christian witness culturally or geographically near them must receive more concentrated outreach efforts. These “hidden people” must become the highest priority, or they will never be reached. Please pray that God will raise up more workers to meet this need. Never has the challenge been greater for the advance of the gospel.