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"Would you like to Biggie Size that, sir?"

I don't eat breakfast. And during the past four or five months, I've been skipping lunch as well. Today was an exception. I drove halfway across Manila (which has a population about the same as the state of Ohio) to make a couple of deliveries. I made the first and had some time to kill before the next was scheduled. So, I took a lunch break at Wendy's. The first Wendy’s restaurant was in Columbus, OH, so it is like going back home for me to eat there. 

Before I even reached the counter (there were people ahead of me in line), a young man came around from the kitchen and asked me what I wanted to order. So, I ordered the “Big Classic Combo Meal,” which tastes the same as back home but costs half as much. Then, I did something unusual. When the guy asked me if I wanted to “Biggie Size,” I said “Oo” (Yes). He immediately yelled my order to the back and rushed back around the counter to make sure they got moving on it right away. I thought, “Wow, they must think I’m somebody important.” I continued to make my way to the counter and paid for the order (around $2 US). Then, I noted the guy at the french fry bin. He was carefully stacking every last fry he had into one “biggie” french fry container-thingie. Now, I have noted that usually there is about a five-fry difference between the “large fry” and the “biggie.” But that was not the case here. This generous young worker had the absolute maximum quantity of fries possible in this bright yellow box. It was at least equal to the number of fries I’d expect in three large fry orders. There were actually way more fries stacked outside the container than there were inside it. So, he stood there cautiously balancing his load and looking at my tray. But the girl at the counter wasn’t quite ready. She still needed to put the paper placemat on the tray. So the big-hearted employee was kind of squirming, because he knows if he doesn’t set this thing down quickly, he’s going to lose half his stack. Finally, she sets the paper on the tray and then, seeing his stack, spreads a napkin out as well. I’m sure I giggled in delight as he set down this truly “biggie fry.” And when he did, it was literally half-a-tray of fries. I kid you not. I’m thinking, “Who needs a burger with this many fries?”

Then, the girl gets me my drink. I had ordered iced tea. Now, you’re not going to believe this, but she gets two of those huge biggie cups and fills them with tea and sets them both on my tray. I just laughed. Did they think I looked starved or what? They apologized that my burger wasn’t ready and told me they would bring it to my table, so I went to sit down. By the time I had squirted full my ketchup containers and got back to my table, they had my hot and juicy sandwich ready. 

I smiled as I bowed my head to pray. My prayer was a bit “biggie sized” as well. 

As I munched down all those fries (I had to make two more trips for extra ketchup), I thought about how good God had been to me. He, for no good reason at all, singled me out as I waited in the line of life and met all my needs in so many ways. Then, He asked, “Would you like to ‘biggie size’ that sir?” and He carefully stacked me with more blessings than I could imagine. He has “biggie sized” my whole life: great wife, super kids, a ministry I truly love, friends around the world, and so much more. Sometimes, it takes a pile of french fries to remind us of all that God has done for us.

I left Wendy’s fuller than I have been in a long time, both physically and spiritually.