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Yalas D.

Yalas Dangi comes from a very remote village in West Nepal. His mother deserted the family shortly after his birth because of severe marital conflict and has not been seen since.

Yalas was born with a disability which didn’t allow him to be able to stand. At a young age he was hospitalized to correct the issue, which restored some of his capacity to walk and play. The operation required Yalas to rehabilitate in hospital for a month. His father could not afford the cost and journeyed back to the village to ask for financial assistance. However, on the way he was involved in a serious bus accident. The whole village raised the funds to pay for the operation.

The family suffered financial difficulties so Yalas had to work as a labourer with his father. The local pastor from the village made a recommendation for Yalas to join Hope Home for his own safety and nurture, which the father agreed.

He is very happy and excited to have joined Hope home where he receives the love of a supportive Christian family, nutritious meals, and his medical and educational needs are met.

Thank you for your prayers and support. You have the opportunity to touch and transform the life of this boy and give him a hope and a future.

DOB: 02/19/2010