A partnership with RedViva Paraguay, which is part of The VIVA Network, an organization, based in the UK, dedicated to reaching out to children and youth at risk around the world.
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Andrea Rodríguez

Latin America & Caribbean Regional Coordinator

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Paraguay, the “Heart of South America,” is a small country severely battered in the past by brutal wars, and today, by poverty and corruption. Yet it is also a peace loving paradise, practically undiscovered by commercial tourism, rich in both natural and cultural resources. Although over 90% of the population of 6+ million professes Catholicism, the evangelical church has been growing and awakening in a very unique way.

Ministry and social action – living the gospel – is being seen in so many churches big and small, through many denominations, organizations and cultural groups, working to reach out to those in need. It is lack of unity, the joining of individual efforts, and finding the necessary support to continue on with ministries, which hinders radical transformation. But God is at work in many different ways, bringing to light a surprising strength from within Paraguay, and building on the potential not only to take active part in its own restoration, but to lead other Latin American nations to do the same!

Action International Ministries has partnered with “The Viva Network” and its affiliate, “Red Viva Paraguay,” in reaching children and youth at risk in Paraguay.

Red Viva Paraguay is a national, Christian networking organization, present in Paraguay for 15 years, developing solutions to achieve the well-being and transformation of the children at risk in the country. It is affiliated with VIVA, “Together for Children” (The Viva Network), a worldwide organization which offers consulting and resources for the construction and development of the networks, as well as projects and special programs to be implemented.

Red Viva is a legally registered charity in Paraguay, led by a national committee and coordinated by a team from its central office in the capital of Asuncion. In 2010, it has initiated a program of network affiliation, starting with a core of five local ministries for children at risk, and implementing an annual program focused on child protection and network construction through many different Christian organizations in Paraguay.


See the church in Paraguay mobilized and in unity, offering a holistic response for the children in its surroundings, impacting this country through a work of excellence, assuring that every child has the opportunity to know and enjoy God’s plan for his or her life.


Build and strengthen in unity transformational responses of the church to provide better solutions for the needs of children at risk, developing a general vision of the current work and equipping to reach further and increase its quality and impact.


1. Increase the quality of attention towards more vulnerable children and adolescents.
2. Increase the action of the church towards children, motivating and equipping its response.
3. Impact and influence decision-makers in order to raise one voice on behalf of children

Associated Missionaries

  • Rene & Anja Gaona


    Rene and Anja are serving in Paraguay, in child and youth advocacy and outreach, in partnership with local organizations.
  • Benny & Esther Goertzen


    Benny and Esther are involved in a radio program outreach to the region of East Paraguay, as well as ministering to the local churches in the area.