Cuba: New Testament Printing


Printing paperback New Testaments in Cuba for only $2.50 each.



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When ACTION started working in Cuba in 2000, evangelical believers comprised less than 1% of the population. The Church has grown tremendously and now believers are about 8% of the population. There are cities in Cuba where — even according to government census reports — over 25% of the population identify themselves as evangelical Christians. Praise the Lord!

Though the United Bible Societies is often allowed to send into Cuba one container per year of Bibles and scripture booklets, this does not even come close to meeting the need. There are tens of thousands of believers who do not have a Bible or even a New Testament. Many teenage and college-age believers have a Gospel of John booklet and nothing more.

In response, we are now printing paperback New Testaments in Cuba for only $2.50 each.