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Barnabas & Tabitha Family

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Barnabas comes from a Hindu high caste called Brahmin. He grew up in the religious traditional environment where family devotion for gods was mandatory. The male-dominated culture encouraged his father to have two wives from whom he has 10 children. Being the firstborn son from a Brahmin wife, Barnabas was expected to carry his father’s legacy as priest, but he left all those obligations when he failed to figure out the True One, the ultimate God among millions of names. In search of the Truth, Barnabas gathered most of the information regarding different religions and found the Bible as the most trustworthy to read out, which let him identify the God of his search. He accepted Christ as his personal Savior and Lord in 1990.

His wife Tabitha also comes from a Hindu Brahmin family background in the eastern Nepal. It was in the winter of 1989 that their parents arranged marriage for them. Tabitha, following her husband’s faith, accepted Christ in 1991. And now both are serving the Lord in Kathmandu. They have four beautiful daughters. Tabitha is like a mother to abandoned children and caregiver to unloved elderly people. She leads women's ministries in the church and mothers the girls at home.

Barnabas earned more than one degrees from recognized universities in Nepal and also graduated with sound theological trainings (MDiv, 2008), and now he is pursuing for his PhD studies in India. He is involved in Bible literature and publication as author and writer in current issues, and he is also a translator and editor. He has published four books and translated more than one hundred well-known Christian authors into Nepali. Currently, he serves as teacher, trainer, and integral mission facilitator and contributes to national Christian leadership in Nepal.

Barnabas and Tabitha are now moving toward Terai regions, the most unreached Hindu-population, in the fertile plains of Southern Nepal and Northern India in response of God’s calling to become an instrument in His Mission to unreached millions. The organization, Mission to Unreached Millions, is a newly started attempt to train, build, and send native global workers to the Terai regions. This aims to advent for the Kingdom to Terai-Madhes regions where there is more than 42% (including internally migrated people from Pahad and Himalyan regions) of the total population lives and almost all is unreached – millions of unheard, unsaved, and unchurched people doomed to the ultimate destructions unless we do something beforehand.