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Puerto Lempira, Honduras (Map)


Casa Del Camino Boys Home encourages hope of a future, stresses the love of Christ, and provides the opportunity for boys to grow in their God-Given potential, spiritually, mentally and physically.
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~ Our Mission ~ To see lives transformed by the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In September 2016, Mike and Lisa Brenner became missionaries with Action International Ministries to Puerto Lempira, Honduras.  

How God Began Working In Us

Our very first exposure to the Miskito people and the lush jungles of eastern Honduras occurred in September of 2012.  That mission trip would be the first of several, yearly short-term trips, experienced with the good folks of Columbia Gorge Christian Fellowship in The Dalles, Oregon.  The trips blessed us beyond our imagination as we traveled hours via river boat through mangrove swamps to various remote villages. We put on medical clinics, built churches, shared the Gospel and encouraged new Miskito pastors and villagers. Each time we left La Moskitia, we couldn’t wait to go back.

Our jungle adventures eventually led to opportunities to volunteer at an orphanage (House of Hope), in Puerto Lempira.  It was at that home for children, and through the relationships that grew there, that we began to recognize our Father had a longer term plan for us in Honduras. God planted a seed in our hearts.  That seed has grown into a deep love for the indigenous Miskito people. He beckoned us, “Trust Me,” and “Come, Follow Me.”  

How We Began Working for God – 

In January 2016, following unceasing prayer, godly guidance from our brothers and sisters at our home church Highlands Community Church, and undeniable affirmations, we stepped out in faith and purchased three acres of land, in order to build Casa Del Camino, a boys home in Puerto Lempira. Puerto Lempira is an extremely remote area – no paved roads, and only accessible by boat or dirt airstrip.   Even in it’s remoteness, Puerto Lempira is the pulse of the rain forest territory.  You can read a little more about the area here.


Casa Del Camino! is the home we are building in Puerto Lempira for boys ages 12+ who are or will attend school at Instituto Vida Abundante (IVA – Life Abundant).  Because La Moskitia is an extremely impoverished area, it has limited, and in most areas no opportunity for education.  IVA is a Christian school that just opened it’s doors in 2013.  It provides the only free education beyond the sixth grade in all of La Moskitia.  The opportunity for kids to earn an education (and to hear the gospel) is the key to keeping them away from the the illegal activities of drug trafficking that are so prevalent in the area.  When we learned from IVA’s directors that they reluctantly turn away potential students each year because there is no place to house them, we heard God’s calling on our hearts and on our future loud and clear!

Please pray how God would have you join with us as we build, guide, nurture and disciple, impoverished at-risk boys, into young manhood.  Casa Del Camino will provide a Christ-centered, family setting of love, encouragement and accountability to boys who will one day become husbands, fathers and undoubtedly the next leaders of La Moskitia.

And Jesus said, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.  Immediately they left their nets and followed Him...” Matthew 4:19 (ESV)

To see up-to-date photographs of the building project and for more in-depth information about the progress of Casa Del Camino please check out: Mike’s blog at:  https://www.chosen2followhim.org

If you are interested in receiving a hard copy of our periodic newsletter please send us your name and address via our email at: mike.lisa.brenner@actionintl.org