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Member Care is our primary service. Teach the Bible in Cuba each year (normally in February). We seek to provide bicycles for Cuban Pastors; vehicles for missionaries on furlough. We also serve by writing biblical and expository devotionals.
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Keith and Marilyn serve from Michigan. She became a believer as a child; Keith as a young adult.  After four plus decades in the service of local churches, their missionary education began – they joined Action International Ministries in 2000. After a few years in Seattle to become genuine Actionites they moved to Michigan to take a part-time position at a local church as a Missions Pastor.

God allowed them to begin visiting ACTION missionaries on their respective fields almost immediately. Thirty trips later, they have an awareness of ACTION missionaries and where they serve. They go to listen, serve, write and speak.

In 2003 the Kaynors went to Cuba for the first time.  They have been back almost annually since 2003.  God has allowed American friends to go with them, and a number of them have gone back to Cuba on their own in the progression the Apostle Paul wrote about in II Timothy 2:2.

In 2012, ACTION’s International Director, Nelson Reed, authorized Keith to use 35% of his time to write. Booklets and books are coming forth (as evidenced by the emphasis on written materials in the picture below). Marilyn has written one book; Keith four.

In 2013 Keith finished years of service as a staff member of their local church, freeing him to focus more fully on ACTION and writing. The Kaynors remain active at their attending church on a volunteer basis.

Lord willing more MemberCare/writing trips are in the future.

They have two married sons and eight grandchildren.

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