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Umesh & Yashodha Family

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I am Umesh, a pastor working among believers of Christ. I have a wife, Yashodha, and two children. I was raised in a family with a Hindu background, where my parents were devoted followers of Hinduism. Even as a child, God has shown His plan for me by miraculously saving me during the time that my parents were trying to abort me. Furthermore, I received Christ as my Savior by the age of 16 and was the only Christian of my family. Later, I was baptized and went to Bible School to study the Word of God for a one-year course in Disciple Training Centre (DTC). After graduation, I decided to stay in the church for ministry and further studies.

In 2001, I was married to Yashodha, and we have been engaged in our ministry together till now. Since 2004, right after my first child was born, I was given the pastoral ministry at a local church. I have been doing pastoral ministry in two churches of around 150 believers. By God’s grace, I was given the privilege to go to the Philippines with my family for two years (2015-2017) to study in International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL) as a special student. From 2017-2020, I was able to finish my M.Div. in Transformational Urban Leadership through Asian Theological Seminary (ATS). Furthermore, I am now doing full-time ministry in my church, guiding the believers and leading the leaders with the Word of God. 

Yashodha is from a Hindu background with an alcoholic father. She came to Christ at the age of 8 through the help of one of her sisters from her hometown. She was very ill at that time. However, as time passed by, she grew more in Christ and started to step forward in the ministry of the Lord. She started helping in the children and youth ministry by the age of 18. Furthermore, she started working among the women. During her ministry among children and youth, she met Umesh and married him, which opened many more opportunities for her. She is now a Pastor’s wife and a leader of the church. She is helping in the children and youth ministry along with a women's fellowship, where she also encourages other pastor’s wives and provides training. She also provides training to the women in the field of handicraft - making dolls, flowers, and so on. Her future plan is to do ministry among the widows and women of the community. 

We, as a couple, help and provide counsel to the husband-wife in conflict. We have further plans to work among couples and provide various training among them.